The Top 5 Challenges That Mobile App Developers Face


You may think that creating a mobile app is the same as creating an app for a desktop. You may think that focusing on “what to do” is enough when creating mobile applications. You may think that the challenges that mobile app developers face are relatively simple. Well, if so, you’re wrong! Mobile app development is very different from developing an app for a desktop or laptop.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 5 challenges faced by mobile-app developers.

1) Fitting everything into a small screen size

The screen size of mobile starts at 3 inches and increases from there, whereas the screen size for a desktop usually ranges from 13 to 15 inches. What you see in those 13 inches cannot necessarily be easily placed on a mobile device. So, when creating mobile applications, many developers have included only that which is necessary for their mobile-app. This is often called the minimalist approach. Also, it’s important to focus on “what not to do”, rather than on “what to do”.

2) Creating a mobile application that allows for accuracy when users use their fingers to navigate

Most users will use their fingers to navigate, rather than a mouse pointer. This may compromise precision and accuracy. The User Interface (UI) should be designed keeping this in mind. This means that mobile application developers should ensure that the UI displays enlarged interaction points rather than the usual sizes.

3) Keeping memory and storage in mind when coding to create a mobile

With memory and hard drive space becoming increasingly affordable, memory allocation has now moved to the background where app development is concerned. However, due to their small size, apps do not have a vast amount of memory, battery life and hard drive space. Mobile application developers should constantly keep memory and storage in mind when coding and create apps. See more.

4) Optimizing layout and flow of the mobile

Due to the small screen size that they’re playing around with, mobile app developers need to create multiple screens and a navigation system, instead of fitting everything onto a single screen.

5) Providing a superior user experience

If your user experience is not enjoyable and easy, the chances are, your users will never download your app. Also, more importantly, they may talk to others regarding their experience and these word-of-mouth reviews can make or break your mobile application. If you want a user experience for your mobile applications like no other, you may have to hire a user experience and interface expert. You can either create your app in-house or then, hire an app development company that specializes in building user-friendly mobile-apps.


So, now you know all about the top 5 challenges faced by mobile app developers. There are several other challenges that mobile app developers face as they embark on their difficult journey to create a cutting-edge and widely used mobile app. Do keep these in mind, whether you’re developing a mobile-app in-house, or you are outsourcing the services. For more information visit:

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How To Start A Mobile App Development Business With Little Investment

For some time now, mobile app development business has been booming in every corner of the world as every business (and virtually everything else) strives to establish an online presence. Over 16 billion dollars are spent annually on apps. This means with proper planning, anybody can tap into this market and rake in some dollars in either part time or full time business venture.

How to start app developmentbusiness with little capital

You don’t need a truckload of dollars to start app developing business. While there are no pre-requisites necessary, a little programming experience will be essential in developing apps that will be useful to the prospective clients.

Sign up as app developer

Apple and Google are inarguably the biggest players in the app market. So, the best way to get started is to sign up as a developer with any of them (though it pays well to work with both).App developers that choose to work with these two billion dollar companies will be expected to pay developer program fee that ranges between $25- $99. This will give them thefreedom to market their apps in their stores.

Generally, an app has to go through a scrutiny process that checks for spam or malware before being released into the store.The quality and usefulness of the app is a vital ingredient as well-and is checked by the store owner. The owner will then keep 30% of the total sales while you get remaining 70%.

Form a partnership

Sure, running a sole proprietorship business has its merits. However, with a partnership, you can enjoy the leverage brought by thepooled capital resource. Additionally, you can handle other aspects of the app business like legal and marketing while other mobile app developers focus on designing and testing of the app. Do you now see how challenging it can be to run such a business on your own

Writing the app

So you have little money but need a feature-rich app right? One way app developers UK go about this is through the use of free online programs/software. These programs can provide you with functionalities such as push notifications, GPS location, in-app purchases and other several premium features. Since nothing is ever completely free, these programs will request to run ads in your app.

If you wish to make your app ad-free, then you’ll need to sign up for premium services- which means parting with a few dimes.

Test and retest the app

Before releasing the app to the stores, it’s important to check if it’sworkingproperly. If this is something you can’t do on your own, perhaps it’s good you seek help from your friend or other app developers.They should provide you with feedback related to issues like bugs, and lags. As indicated before, store owners will check the app quality and get back to you with detailed instructions on what needs to be done.

Marketing the app

Use word of mouth to market your app to friends and relatives. You can also use your social media pages to make sure the app gets the attention of theinternational audience.

Wrap up

In this article, we have shown you a few ways you can start mobile app development business with little capital. But before you put your foot on the ground, it’s essential to check the market condition and come up with a solid plan as well.…

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Why Is There a Need to Develop Mobile Apps?

Businesses or entrepreneurs develop mobile apps for a different purpose. They want to increase the availability of their products and services. They want to reach a much larger and wider market. They want an instant connection with their potential buyers. App developers create apps and use them to improve their business as a whole.

There are individuals who develop mobile apps for leisure or entertainment purposes. They want to develop their own game applications and let them be known to friends. There are also those individuals who develop mobile apps out of curiosity. Some online players out there are definitely getting more and more curious about how apps are made. They want to find out how challenging it is to create a mobile application.

Other Reasons for Building Mobile Applications


  • Earn for an extra income. A successful venture for mobile apps can actually gain for possible popularity as well as revenue from clients or users. You can expect many people to use your apps, especially if your application is unique and rich in features and functions. Once you have thousands of users, you can start upgrading and offering your app at a price.


  • The world is getting more advanced by the day. You have to catch up in order to improve your life style. Learn about the latest trend in mobile technology as much as possible and apply them in your daily life.


  • Certain apps allow access to bank accounts. Instead of driving your way to the bank, you can stay where you are and just log into your account using your phone. check it from


  • Apps can transform your ordinary Smartphone into a useful and amazing gadget. Through mobile apps development, your mobile experience becomes more powerful. Instead of just accessing its usual functions, you can expect to do more by installing apps. You can play games, obtain quicker access to your email, and make an online search much faster and more convenient and a lot more, even while on the go. mobile phoneInstead of setting up an alarm every time you want to be reminded of something, you can also activate a certain reminder app which schedules a specific reminders readily and automatically. When it comes to using the media tools of your phone such as the camera, you can make use of an app to edit pictures and directly share them with your social media networks. You may share pictures and videos from your mobile to Facebook or Twitter without using a computer or laptop. With a very handy device, you can definitely do as much things as what you can do with a computer.


  • Communication apps enable you to connect to families and friends outside the country. You can call them without paying extra. Apps such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and others are among those very popular communication tools. read more here!


You can benefit from building your own mobile apps made by our expert app developer, whether as an individual or as a business. If you are a small business, checkout app makers that are available in the marketplace that allow you to build your own mobile apps with ease, and without any programming or coding whatsoever. Some of these not only help you with app building, but also with the ability for you to make changes to your app any time. See those app builders that allow you to design once, but build apps for mobile web, iPhone, Android, and iPad all at the same time.…

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Creating An App Easy, Fast, And Effectively

Is the application’s purpose to make money or promote a business? This question is very important since it will determine which way the creation goes. For a promotional kind, you might find it important to have a development company handle it for you. But if you want to make some money with your app, then you will need to have a more targeted approach. It might even mean creating your very own app and with a good app builder, you should have an easy time turning your ideas into reality. read top article!

The apps companies was undoubtedly continues on its development every day. This is more particularly due to the growing utilization of any mobile devices that has proved on its best platform in reaching out towards the global clients or audiences. This creates a ready market for you if you are interested in app building. Every application that you create stands the chance to generate good revenue for you since you can sell it, use it to show ads or promote a service, product or business. To create a winning app, however, you must ask yourself several questions and make the right decisions.

Will the app be free? The app category can determine whether your app is free or paid. Entertainment and games have a tendency of being free on most platforms. You can, however, still find a balance by creating both paid and free versions of the app. After a period of time in the market, you can make a decision on monetization and purchase options. App Developers looking for more downloads will find free apps most suitable.

mobile appsShould I hire an app developer or personally create the app? Hiring an app developer is an easy way if you are just looking for a promotional tool for a business but it will definitely cost you more. If your aim is to start an app business, then you are better off building your app. Fortunately, a good app maker will give you an easy time doing the creation. You will, however, need to make the right choice with the mobile app builder and learn how it works to have a pleasant experience. Some app buildersuk are designed to be easy to use so that you don’t need any programming or coding knowledge to successfully develop your app and start making money off it.

What kind will the app be? This is important because the market trends are ever changing. Therefore, you want to make sure that you create an app that is bound to be in demand. By looking at the top paid and free apps, you should be in a position to choose a category and app kind that will not disappoint. Possibilities are that the market might have an app similar to what you have in mind and your homework should be to find whether people are actually downloading the app. Create an app which people will love to have. And, surely, your business will boom in the near future. always get updates from

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Building Apps: DIY Builders Or Custom Development?

What is a DIY application?

What’s the general image of a DIY application? What can it actually give you? The simplest one is something like a template that you set the configuration. iOS? Android? Windows Phone? There’s no problem here and there are both native and cross-platform options at your service. App designers take the process under control from the start up to submission to application stores.

Everybody really loves the mobile apps as well as each business who wants to gain one and sometimes without certain purpose. On one hand, there are software development companies (or freelancers), which offer their professional thus expensive services. On the other hand, there are such tempting things as do-it-yourself app makers, which offer creating and publishing apps quickly and what’s even more important for free… or almost free… or not so free.

Here are some basic things offered; all of these functional options vary from maker to make:
– click then call, and the feedback forms
– the geo-location
– the features that are peculiar most closely for businesses (e.g. menus for cafe and restaurant apps)
– analytics and so on

– Placement and updates of various content
– social media and RSS integration
– push-notifications

What’s bad about DIY apps?

Let’s outline two bad things about them:

– One of the identified problems is that app makers do not provide the quality required for serious products. But really, who would entrust a serious product to such a builder? The full cycle of development, including thorough quality assurance by a development company cannot be provided by cheaper builders. Therefore, this problem depends on what you need.

– Maybe the biggest issue with DIY apps is that in many cases you have to allow in-app advertising as a cost for being free of charge. That’s used to monetize the apps that are businesses in themselves—there’s a free version which can be upgraded by the user’s payment thus by removal of ads. But if there is a branded app that presents products and services of a company, an ad inside kills it instantly. People hate ads on companies’ websites if they just surf through them. When it comes to mobile app usage, which is far more result-oriented, ads distract and frustrate users. visit us now!

mobileSome DIY apps take 20 minutes to create, some take much more time. Some are completely free and valueless (as a rule, they offer premium benefits for a fee). Some specialized app development building services allow to create business apps for scheduling, handling payments and invoicing, messaging, and marketing. Whatever the model is, app makers have to find a way to monetize their efforts: Setup fees, hosting fees, one-time fees, monthly or yearly subscriptions etc. The amounts range from, say, $20 per month to much, much more. read more news coming from

You get what you pay for—that’s the truth. It’s impossible to fit all of these app developers into one template since their services and costs differ drastically—from free drag-and-drop app builders (such as Infinite Monkeys) to more serious and specialized builders, which have more or less considerable fees. What is really good about this DIY maker? They present an app building being an accessible idea of creating such mobile presence, regardless of whom it matters—local brands, communities, retailers etc. And there are numbers of businesses which went for it and created such software for their needs.…

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