How To Start A Mobile App Development Business With Little Investment

For some time now, mobile app development business has been booming in every corner of the world as every business (and virtually everything else) strives to establish an online presence. Over 16 billion dollars are spent annually on apps. This means with proper planning, anybody can tap into this market and rake in some dollars in either part time or full time business venture.

How to start app developmentbusiness with little capital

You don’t need a truckload of dollars to start app developing business. While there are no pre-requisites necessary, a little programming experience will be essential in developing apps that will be useful to the prospective clients.

Sign up as app developer

Apple and Google are inarguably the biggest players in the app market. So, the best way to get started is to sign up as a developer with any of them (though it pays well to work with both).App developers that choose to work with these two billion dollar companies will be expected to pay developer program fee that ranges between $25- $99. This will give them thefreedom to market their apps in their stores.

Generally, an app has to go through a scrutiny process that checks for spam or malware before being released into the store.The quality and usefulness of the app is a vital ingredient as well-and is checked by the store owner. The owner will then keep 30% of the total sales while you get remaining 70%.

Form a partnership

Sure, running a sole proprietorship business has its merits. However, with a partnership, you can enjoy the leverage brought by thepooled capital resource. Additionally, you can handle other aspects of the app business like legal and marketing while other mobile app developers focus on designing and testing of the app. Do you now see how challenging it can be to run such a business on your own

Writing the app

So you have little money but need a feature-rich app right? One way app developers UK go about this is through the use of free online programs/software. These programs can provide you with functionalities such as push notifications, GPS location, in-app purchases and other several premium features. Since nothing is ever completely free, these programs will request to run ads in your app.

If you wish to make your app ad-free, then you’ll need to sign up for premium services- which means parting with a few dimes.

Test and retest the app

Before releasing the app to the stores, it’s important to check if it’sworkingproperly. If this is something you can’t do on your own, perhaps it’s good you seek help from your friend or other app developers.They should provide you with feedback related to issues like bugs, and lags. As indicated before, store owners will check the app quality and get back to you with detailed instructions on what needs to be done.

Marketing the app

Use word of mouth to market your app to friends and relatives. You can also use your social media pages to make sure the app gets the attention of theinternational audience.

Wrap up

In this article, we have shown you a few ways you can start mobile app development business with little capital. But before you put your foot on the ground, it’s essential to check the market condition and come up with a solid plan as well.…

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